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Johnson at Horshaj Park. If it is better, in exploring a county, to begin with its least interesting districts and to end with the best, I have made a mistake in the order of this book: I should rather have begun with the comparatively dull hot inland hilly region of the north-east, and have left it at the cool chalk Downs of the Hampshire border. But if text horsham sluts first impression of new [Pg 2] country cannot be too favourable we have done rightly in starting at Midhurst, even at the risk of a loss of enthusiasm in the slyts chapters. For although historically, socially, and architecturally north Sussex is as interesting sluys south Sussex, the crown of the county's scenery is the Downs, and its most fascinating districts are those which the Downs dominate.


Johnson at Midhurst—Cowdray Park. If it is better, in exploring a county, to begin with its least interesting districts and to end with the best, I have made a mistake in the order of this book: I tedt rather have begun with the comparatively dull hot inland hilly region of the north-east, and have left it at the cool chalk Downs of the Hampshire border. But if one's first impression of text horsham sluts [Pg 2] country cannot be too favourable we have done rightly in starting at Midhurst, even at the slus of a loss of enthusiasm in tet concluding chapters.

For although historically, socially, and architecturally north Sussex is as interesting as south Sussex, the crown of the county's scenery is the Downs, and its most fascinating districts are those which the Downs dominate.

The farther we travel from the Downs text horsham sluts the sea the less unique are our surroundings. Many of the villages in the northern Weald, beautiful as they are, might equally well be in Kent or Surrey: a visitor horaham alighting in their midst, say from a balloon, would be puzzled to name the county he was in; but the Downs and their dependencies are essential Sussex. Hence a Sussex man in love with the Downs becomes less happy at every step northward.

They stand, a silent undiscovered country, between the seething pleasure towns of the seaboard plain and the trim estates of the Weald. Londoners, for whom Sussex has a special attraction by reason of its proximity Brighton's beach is the nearest to the capital in point of timeeither pause north of the Downs, or rush through them in trains, on bicycles, or in carriages, to the sea. Houses there are among the Downs, it is true, but horsam are old-established, the homes of families that can remember no other homes.

There is as yet no slhts for residences in these horssham. Until that fashion sets in and may it be far distant the Downs will remain essential Sussex, and those that love them will exclaim with Mr. Kipling, God lsuts all men all earth to love, But since man's heart is small, Ordains for each one spot shall prove Beloved over all. Each to his choice, and I rejoice The lot has fallen to me In a fair ground—in a fair ground— Yea, Sussex by the sea!

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Moreover, Midhurst is also the centre of a very useful little railway system, which, having only a single line in each direction, while serving the traveller, never annoys him by disfiguring the country or letting loose upon it crowds of vandals. Single lines always mean thinly populated country. As a pedestrian poet has sung:— My heart leaps up when I behold A single railway line; For then I know the wood and wold Are almost wholly mine. And Midhurst being on no great high road is nearly always quiet.

Nothing ever hurries there. The people live their own lives, passing along their few narrow streets and the one broad one, under the projecting eaves of timbered houses, unrecking of London and the world. Sussex has no more contented town. The church, which belongs really to St. Mary Magdalen, but is popularly text horsham sluts to St. Denis, was never very interesting, but is horeham so now that the Montagu tomb has been moved to Easebourne.

Twenty years ago, I remember, hofsham old house opposite the church was rumoured to harbour a pig-faced lady. I never had sight of her, but as to her existence and her cast of feature no one was in the least doubt. Pig-faced ladies once so common seem to have gone out, just as the day of Spring-heeled Jack is over. Sussex once had her Spring-heeled Jacks, too, in some profusion. The house is now but a shell, never having been rebuilt since the fire which ate out its heart in yet a beautiful shell, heavily draped in rich green ivy that before [Pg 4] very long must here and there forget its earlier duty of supporting the walls and thrust them too far from the perpendicular to stand.

A rare pamphlet is still preserved describing the festivities during Queen Elizabeth's sojourn. On Saturday, about eight o'clock, her Majesty reached the house, travelling from Farnham, where she had dined. Upon sight of her loud music sounded. It stopped when she set foot upon the bridge, and a real man, standing between sljts wooden dummies whom he horham resembled, began to flatter her exceedingly. Until she came, he said, [Pg 5] the walls shook and the roof tottered, but one glance from her eyes had steadied the turret for ever.

Text horsham sluts

Elizabeth, when he had made an end, took the key from him rext embraced Lady Montagu and her daughter, the Lady Dormir; whereupon "the mistress of the house as it were weeping in the bosome said, 'O happie time! O joyfull daie! At breakfast next morning three oxen and a hundred and forty geese were devoured.

Text horsham sluts

On Monday, August 17th, Elizabeth rode to her bower in the park, took a crossbow from a nymph who sang a sweet song, and with it shot "three or four" deer, carefully brought within range. After dinner, standing on one of the turrets she watched sixteen bucks "pulled horshxm with greyhounds" in a text horsham sluts. On Tuesday, the Queen was approached by a pilgrim, who first called her "Fairest hotsham all creatures," horsuam expressed the wish that the world might end with her life and then led her to an oak whereon were hanging escutcheons of her Majesty and all the neighbouring noblemen and gentlemen.

As she looked, a "wilde man" clad all in ivy appeared and delivered an address on the importance of loyalty. On Wednesday, the Queen was taken to a goodlie fish-pond now a meadow where was an angler. After some words from him a band of fishermen texg, drawing their nets after them; whereupon the angler, turning to her Majesty, remarked that her virtue made envy blush and stand amazed.

Having thus spoken, the net was drawn and found to be full of fish, which were laid at Elizabeth's feet. The entry for this day ends with the sentence, "That evening she hunted.

Sussex murder accused 'loved ex-girlfriend deborah levey'

He was [Pg 6] succeeded by another Anthony, the author of the "Book of Orders slutx Rules" for the use of the family at Cowdray, and the dedicatee of Anthony Copley's Yorsham for Fortune, Copley has a certain Sussex interest of tect own, having astonished not a little the good people of Horsham. A contemporary letter describes him as "the most desperate youth that liveth. He did shoot at a gentleman last summer, and did kill an ox with a musket, and in Horsham church he threw his dagger at the parish clerk, and it stuck in a seat of the church.

There liveth not his like in England for sudden attempts. The instructions given in Lord Montagu's "Booke of Orders and Rules" illustrate very vividly the generous amplitude of the text horsham sluts Cowdray establishment.

'anger over '

I will that my carver, when he cometh to the ewerye boorde, doe there washe together with the Sewer, and that done be armed videlt. My will is that for that day he have the precedence and place next to my Slugs Usher at the wayter's table. I will that some of my Gentlemen Wayters harken when I or my wiffe att any tyme doe walke abroade, that they may be readye to give their [Pg 7] attendance uppon us, some att one tyme and some att another as they shall agree amongst themselves; but when strangeres are in place, then I will that in any sorte they be readye to doe such service for them as the Gentleman Usher shall directe.

I will further that they be dayly presente in the greate chamber or other place of my dyett about tenn of the clocke in the forenoone and five in the afternoone without fayle for performance of my service, unles they have from my Stewarde or Gentleman Usher to the contrarye, which if they exceede, I will that they make knowne the cause thereof to my Stewarde, who shall acquaynte me therewithall.

I will slyts they dyne and slutts att a table appoynted for them, and there take place nexte after the Gentlemen of my Horse and chamber, accordinge to their seniorityes in jorsham service. Among the disbursements were, on September 11th, fourteen pence "for washing Will Stapler"; on November 22nd, 1s. Fiske the dancing-master for teaching my master to dance, being two months"; and on April 21st, seven shillings "for a Tooth for my Lord.

On reaching Mass one day text horsham sluts finding it half done, he drew his pistol and shot the chaplain. The outcry all over the country was loud and vengeful, and my lord lay concealed for fifteen years in a hiding-hole contrived in the masonry of Cowdray for the shelter of persecuted priests. The peer emerged only at night, when he roamed the close walks, repentant and sad. Lady Montagu would then steal out to him, dressing all in white to such good purpose that the desired rumours of a ghost soon flew about the neighbourhood.

Sir Anthony [Pg 8] seized his new property, and turned the monks out of the gates, in Legend says that as the last monk departed, he warned his despoiler that by fire and water his line should perish. By fire and water it perished indeed. His only sister the wife of Mr.

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Stephen Poyntz who inherited, was the mother of two sons both of whom were drowned while bathing at Bognor. When Mr. Poyntz sold the estate to the Earl of Egmont, we may suppose the curse to have been withdrawn.

Text horsham sluts

Johnson visited Cowdray a few years before its demolition; "Sir," he said to Boswell, "I should like to stay here four-and-twenty hours. We see here how our ancestors lived. In the long gallery were the Twelve Apostles "as large as life"; while text horsham sluts marriage of Cupid and Psyche, a tableau that never failed to please our ancestors, was not wanting. The glory of the Montagus has utterly passed.

The present Earl of Egmont is either an absentee or he lives in a cottage near the gates; and the new house, which is hidden in trees, is of no interest. The park, ohrsham, is still ranged by its beautiful deer, and still possesses an avenue of chestnut trees and rolling wastes of turf. It is everywhere as free as a heath. The road from Midhurst to Blackdown ascends steadily to Henley, threading vast woods and preserves.

Text horsham sluts

On the left is a great common, on the right North Heath, where the two Horshamm were hanged in chains after being executed at Horsham, infor the robbery of the Portsmouth mail—probably the last instance of hanging in chains in this country. For those that like wild forest country there was once no better ramble than might be enjoyed here; but now that the King's new sanatorium is being built in the midst of Great Common, some of the wildness must necessarily be lost.

A finer site could not have been found. Above Great Common is a superb open space nearly six hundred feet high, with gorse text horsham sluts advantageously placed to sluys shelter while one studies the Fernhurst valley, the Haslemere heights and, blue in the distance, hext North Downs.

Sussex has nothing wilder or richer than the country we are now in. A few minutes' walk to the east from this lofty common, and we are immediately above Henley, clinging to the hill side, an [Pg 10] almost Alpine hamlet. Henley, however, no longer sees the travellers that once it did, for the coach road, which of old climbed perilously through it, has been diverted in a curve through the hanger, and now sweeps into Fernhurst by way of Henley Common.

FERNHURST Fernhurst, beautifully named, is in an exquisite situation among the minor eminences of the Haslemere range, but the builder has been busy here, and the village is not what it was. As it is now in text horsham sluts occupation and is not shown to strangers, I have not seen it; but of old many persons journeyed thither, attracted by the quaint mural paintings, in the Prior's room, of domestic animals uttering speech.

On the eastern side of Fernhurst, to which we may now return, a mile on the way to Lurgashall, was once Verdley Castle; but it is now a castle no more, merely a ruined heap. Utilitarianism was too much for it, and its stones fell to Macadam. After all, if an old castle has to go, there are few better forms of reincarnation for it than a good hard road.

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While at Fernhurst it is well to walk on to Blackdown, the best way, perhaps, being to take the lane to the right about half a mile beyond the village, and make for the hill across country. Blackdown, whose blackness is from its heather and its firs, frowns before one all the while. The climb to the summit is toilsome, over nine hundred feet, but well worth the effort, for the hill overlooks hundreds of square miles of Sussex and Surrey, between Leith Hill in the north and Chanctonbury in text horsham sluts south.

The poet laid the foundation stone on April 23 Shakespeare's birthdaythe inscription on the stone running "Prosper thou the work of our hands, O prosper thou our handiwork. The most interesting village between Midhurst and the western boundary, due west, is Trotton, three miles distant on the superb road to Petersfield, of which I have spoken above.

There is no better road in England. Trotton is quiet and modest, but it has two great tex on lovers of the English drama. Text horsham sluts the "Ode to Pity" of one of our Sussex poets we read thus of another:— But wherefore need I wander wide To old Ilissus' distant side, Deserted streams and mute? There first the wren thy myrtles shed On gentlest Otway's infant head, To him thy cell was shown; And while he sung the female heart, With youth's soft notes unspoiled by art, Thy turtles mixed their own.

The unhappy author of Venice Preserv'd and The Orphan was born at Trotton inthe son of Humphrey Otway, the curate, who afterwards became rector of Woolbeding close by.

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