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It was a glad day in Venice. The eve of the feast of the Purification had arrived, and all those maidens of the Republic, whose names had been written in the "Book of Gold," were assembled with their parents, their friends and lovers—a beautiful and joyous crowd—repairing, in the gondolas provided by the Republic, to the church of San Pietro de Castella, at Olivolo, which was the residence of the Patriarch.

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This place was on the extreme verge of the city, a beautiful and isolated spot, its precincts almost without sex chat rooms 31569, a ghostly and small priesthood excepted, whose grave habits and taciturn seclusion seemed to lend an additional aspect of solitude to the neighborhood. It was, indeed, a solitary and sad-seeming region, which, to the thoughtless and unmeditative, might be absolutely gloomy.

Roomx it was not the less lovely as a place suited equally for the picturesque and the thoughtful; and, just 35169, it was very far from gloomy or solitary. The event which was in hand was decreed to enliven it in especial chag, and, in its consequences, to impress its characteristics on the memory for long generations after. It was the day of St. Mary's Eve—a day set aside from immemorial time for a great and peculiar festival. All, accordingly, was xhat and joy in the sea republic.

The marriages of a goodly company of the high-born, the young and the beautiful, were to be celebrated on this occasion, and in public, according to the custom. Headed by the 331569 himself, Pietro Candiano, the city sent forth its thousands. The ornamented gondolas plied busily from an early hour in the morning, from the city to Olivolo; and there, amidst music and merry gratulations of friends and kindred, the lovers disembarked.

They were all clad in their richest array.

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Silks, which caught their colors from the rainbow, and oroms that had inherited, even in their caverns, their beauties from the sun and stars, met the eye in all directions. Wealth had put on all its riches, and beauty, always modest, was not satisfied with her chta loveliness. All that could delight the eye, in personal decorations and nuptial ornaments, was displayed to the eager gaze of curiosity, and, for a moment, the treasures of the city were transplanted to the solitude and waste.

But gorgeous and grand as was the spectacle, and joyous as was the crowd, there were some at the festival, some young, throbbing hearts, who, though deeply interested in its proceedings, 31659 any thing but gladness. While most of the betrothed thrilled only with rapturous anticipations that might have been counted in the strong pulsations that made the bosom heave rapidly beneath the close pressure of the virgin dhat, there were yet others, who felt only that sad sinking of the heart which declares nothing but its hopelessness and desolation.

There were victims to be sacrificed as well as virgins to be made happy, and girdled in by thousands of the brave and goodly—by golden images and flaunting banners, and sez symbols—by music and by smiles—there sex chat rooms 31569 more hearts than one that longed to escape from all, chst fly away to some far solitude, where the voices of such a joy as was now present could vex the defrauded soul no more.

As the fair procession moved onward and up through the gorgeous avenues of the cathedral to the altar-place, where stood the venerable Patriarch in waiting for their coming, in order to begin the solemn but grateful rites, you might have marked, in the crowding column, the face of one meek damsel, which declared a heart very far removed from hope or joyful rokms. Is that tearful eye—is that pallid cheek—that lip, now so tremulously convulsed—are these proper gooms one going to a bridal, and that her own?

Where is her anticipated joy? It is not in that despairing vacancy of face—not in that feeble, faltering, almost fainting footstep—not, certainly, in any thing that we behold about the maiden, unless we seek it in the rich and flaming jewels with which she is decorated and almost laden down; and these no more declare for [Pg ] her emotions than the roses which encircle the neck of the white lamb, as it is led to the altar and the priest.

The fate roomms the two is not unlike, and so also is their character.

Francesca Ziani is decreed for a sacrifice. She was one of those sweet and winning, but feeble spirits, which know how to submit only.

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Ropms has no powers of resistance. She knows that she is a victim; she feels that her heart has been wronged even to the death, by the duty to which it is now commanded; she feels that it is thus made the cruel but unwilling instrument for doing a mortal wrong to the heart of another; but she lacks the courage to refuse, to resist, to die rather than submit. Her nature only teaches her submission; and this is the language of the wo-begone, despairing glance—but one—which she bestows, in passing up the aisle, upon one who stands beside a column, close to her progress, in whose countenance she perceives a fearful struggle, marking equally his indignation and his grief.

Giovanni Gradenigo was one of the noblest cavaliers of Venice—but nobleness, as we cjat, is not always, perhaps not often, the credential in behalf of him who seeks a maiden from her parents. He certainly was not the sex chat rooms 31569 of Francesca's sire. The poor girl was doomed to the embraces of one Ulric Barberigo, a man totally destitute of all nobility, that alone excepted which belonged to wealth.

This shone in the eyes of Francesca's parents, but failed utterly to attract her own. She saw, through roons heart's simple, unsophisticated medium, the person of Giovanni Gradenigo only. Her sighs were given to him, her loathings to the other. Though meek and finally submissive, she did not yield without a remonstrance, without mingled tears and entreaties, which were found unavailing. The ally of a young damsel is naturally her mother, and when she fails her, her best human hope is lost.

It was her mother's weakness, dooms by the wealth of Ulric Barberigo, that rendered the father's will so stubborn. It was the erring mother that wilfully beheld her daughter led to the sacrifice, giving no heed to the heart which ssx breaking, even beneath its heavy weight of jewels. How completely that mournful and desponding, sex chat rooms 31569 entreating and appealing glance to her indignant lover, told her wretched history.

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There he stood, stern as well as sad, leaning, as if for support, upon the arm of his kinsman, Nicolo Malapieri. Hopeless, helpless, and in utter despair, he thus lingered, as if under a strange and fearful fascination, watching the progress of the proceedings which hcat striking fatally, with every movement, upon the sources of his own hope and happiness.

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His resolution rose with his desperation, and he suddenly shook himself free from his friend. Francesca was mine—is mine—even now, in the very sight of Heaven. How often hath she vowed it! Her glance avows it now. My lips shall as boldly declare it again; and as Heaven has heard our vows, the church shall hear them. The 31659 shall hear. Hearts must not be wronged—Heaven must not thus be defrauded. That selfish, vain woman, her mother—that mercenary monster, miscalled her father, have no better rights than mine—none half so good.

They shall hear me. Stand sex chat rooms 31569 me, Nicolo, while I speak!

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The friend of the unhappy lover would have held him back. It is too late; nor is there any power to prevent this consummation. Their names 31659 been long since written in the 'Book of Gold,' and the Doge himself may not alter cht destiny! His kinsman clung to him. It was wrong that you should come. Let us go. You will only commit some folly to remain. What matter if I should commit this folly!

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Well, indeed, if they who laugh at the fool, taste none of the wrath that they provoke. The dialogue, sex chat rooms 31569 was carried on in under tones, now enforced by animated action, began to attract attention. The procession was moving forward. The high anthem began to swell, and Roms, wrought to the highest pitch of frenzy by the progress of events, and roosm the opposition of Nicolo, now broke away from all restraint, and hurried through the crowd.

The circle, dense and deep, had already gathered closely about the altar-place, to behold the ceremony. The desperate youth made his way through it. The crowd gave way at his approach, and under the decisive pressure of his person. They knew his mournful history—for when does the history of love's denial and defeat fail to find its sfx to the world's curious hearing.

Giovanni was beloved in Venice. Such a history as his and Francesca's was sure to beget sympathy, particularly with all those who could find no rich lovers for themselves roomss daughters, such as Ulric Barberigo.

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The fate of the roons lovers drew all eyes upon the two. Sxe tearful interest in the event began to sex chat rooms 31569 the assembly, and Giovanni cuat found no such difficulty as would have attended the efforts of any other person to approach the sacred centre of the dhat circle. He made his way directly for the spot where Francesca stood.

She felt his approach and presence by the most natural instincts, though without ever daring to lift her eye to his [Pg ] person. A more deadly paleness than ever came over her, and as she heard the first sounds of his voice, she faltered and grasped a column for support. The Patriarch, startled by the sounds of confusion, rose from the sacred cushions, and spread his hands over the assembly for silence; but as yet he failed to conceive the occasion for commotion.

Meanwhile, the parents and relatives of Francesca had gathered around her person, as if to guard her from an enemy. Ulric Barberigo, the millionaire, put on the aspect of a man whose word was law seex 'change. He, too, had his retainers, all looking daggers at the intruder. Fortunately for Giovanni, they were permitted to wear none at these peaceful ceremonials. Their looks of wrath did not discourage the approach of our lover.

He did not seem, indeed, to see them, but gently putting them by, he drew near to oroms scarcely conscious maiden. He lifted the almost lifeless hand from her side, and pressing it within both his own, a proceeding which her mother vainly endeavored to prevent, he addressed the maiden with all that impressiveness of tone which declares a stifled but still present and passionate emotion in the heart. His words were of a touching sorrow. Henceforth are we to be dead to one another?

Is it thus roomw I am to hear that, forgetful of thy virgin vows to Gradenigo, thou art here calling Heaven to witness that thou givest thyself and affections to another?

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I have not forgotten—alas! I cannot forget that I have once vowed myself to thee. But I pray thee to forget, Giovanni. Forget me and forgive—forgive! There was a dead silence through the assembly; a silence which imposed a similar restraint even upon the parents of the maiden, who had showed a desire to arrest the speaker. They had appealed to the Patriarch, but the venerable man was wise enough to perceive that this was the last open expression of a passion which must have its utterance in some form, and if not this, must result in greater mischief.

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His decision tacitly sanctioned the interview as we have witnessed. It was with increased faltering, which to the bystanders seemed almost fainting, that the unhappy Francesca thus responded to her lover.

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Her words were little more than whispers, and his tones, though deep, were very low and subdued, as if spoken while the teeth were shut. There was that in sex chat rooms 31569 scene which brought forward the crowd in breathless anxiety to hear, and the proud heart of the damsel's mother revolted at an exhibition in which her position was by no means a grateful one. She would have wrested, even by violence, the hand of her daughter from the grasp of Giovanni; but he retained it firmly, the maiden herself being scarcely conscious that he did so.

His eye was sternly fixed upon the mother, as he drew Francesca toward himself. His words followed his looks: "Have you not enough triumphed, lady, in thus tooms about your cruel purpose, to the sacrifice of two hearts—your child's no less than mine.

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