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They'd planned for 4 or 5 thousand and forty odd thousand had turned up and they were swamped. My wheels were knackered so we hired a car and legged it down there. When we sn there was a police cordon around the outside, we learned later that some of the security had turned on what was left of the organisers at the farmhouse and were laying siege to it.


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cbat They'd planned for 4 or 5 thousand and forty odd thousand had turned up and they were swamped. My wheels were knackered so we hired a car and legged it down there. When we arrived there was a police cordon around the outside, we learned later that some of the security had turned on what was left of the organisers at the farmhouse and were laying siege to it. We were told to wait on the road outside till they, the police, knew what was going on. One of the crew medics on swx way back in spotted my missus and we got a police escort onto the site with her.

We were ushered into the main stage field and we got to work helping out. That required a bit of street theatre as no-one wanted to believe there was a need for more money. Friends of ours were in the farm house we learned later.

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Once the chaos had quietened down into gentle anarchy the vibe of the remaining fest was friendly enough. Music wise, all I can remember for sure was Nik Turner's All Stars singing a running commentary to the siege going on behind them. Most of the crowd didn't believe a word of course and thought it was a great laugh. Other casualties were the travellers dogs. There were two or more canine diseases ripping through them and quite a few died. All in all not a festival you could forget easily.


We had a fairly good, if hectic, time but others didn't fare so well at all. We couldn't stay for the clean up 'cos of the hire car. We did what we could while we were there.

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We were only emergency crew after all. The Here and Now Band were great, until I realised that everyone around me all travellers were shouting and screaming in a very angry way.

Well, I think they were. They seemed pissed off at the band.

Xex back on it though, I'd dropped acid and might just have imagined the whole thing. Funny, that's just occurred to me :- Did that really happen? My outstanding memory is of trying to get to sleep in the back of a cramped transit. I was looking out of the window with very stoned eyes as dawn was coming on and a green laser was sweeping erratically about the sky whilst Salt 'n' Pepa's 'Push It' was blasting out over the fields. I still can't hear that song without immediately going back in time.

Anyway, a great weekend, though zde were a bit babes in the wood at a major traveller festival. Pete Treworgey Tree Fayre will go down in festival history as the most disorganised, anarchic, scarey, exciting and absolutely brilliant festival ever. We were all from Cornwall originally and made our way down to Treworgey shortly after the end of Glastonbury festival.

We came with news of the buzz that was going around the Glastonbollocks Traveller site. Everyone sex chat new liskeard an zee their dogs were planning to converge on Treworgey. I think he was going by estmated ticket sales. We managed to blag some crew work and were among the first people to park up our assorted vehicles in one of the surrounding fields.

We were given a bit of cash for our labours but were mostly paid in Cider. We dug ditches for toilet blocks that never materialised, put up fences, more to cnat dogs away from sheep than to liskezrd people out, built stages, put sex chat new liskeard an zee tents etc etc. I also contributed a couple of pieces of artwork to the Festival Programme. As the festival weekend approached, zwe became apparent to the organisers that this would become a free for all. A few tickets had been sold but it was a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of people that already had and were due to turn up.

I don't know why the security firm were brought in. I remember the confrontation over the stolen hash. I think it would have got a lot nastier but as I remember it there were rumours of guns so that may of held things back a bit.

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There was deffo two deaths that I heard about. Whether this is true or not I don't know or can't remember. The festival itself, including build up to and chill out afterwards was ace. Everyone I've spoken to since, who was there, say that it was their best ever festival liwkeard.

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I also remember one of the artists falling into a shitpit. I think it was someone from The Poison Girls. Happy daze. There was another festival In Cornwall on the old abandoned airfield at Davidstow a couple of years later.

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Although this was a great festival, it wasn't a patch on Treworgey. I met a traveller 12 months laterhe had jus come out of hospital billygot dragged under a pick up for 50 yards totally mangled up his legs!!! If I'm right then yes, unfortunately he did die down in Cornwall. He was found by his best mate, the matey who he was traveling with at the time, Kenny.

From what I can remember, they were living in a blue F.

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G which incidentally, bore a chocolate "Hobnob" as a tax disc! The morning after another busy night on the piss, Kenny got up out his bed, went over to Scouse to wake him with a morning can of brew, only to find that he'd died in the night. I think I recall Kenny saying he was blue lipped and cold when he tried to wake him, so it's possible he died soon after he crashed out. Now for the real speculation This is possibly true though I don't know for surecos he did have a fondness for downers as well as the booze, as did a lot of us at the time.

Another tale had him glugging meth as well as the pills but, like I say, I don't know for certain what killed him, and does it really matter? Another somewhat more unlikely scenario has it that Scouse took off his "Lucky Sock"! An old sock he wore, claiming never to remove it, in the belief that it magically bestowed upon him great luck, the power to charm the ladies, and immunity from harm!

In divesting himself of the sock he lost it's mystical protective powers, and was unfortunately to die as a result Hey, you never know! Anyway amidst the speculation and sock based silliness, lets not forget Scouse sex chat new liskeard an zee. Cliched to say it I know, but he was genuinely one of lifes better people, and really very well liked by a lot of folk.

Although he enjoyed a beer or ten, and was labeled as "Brew crew", he was never a real trouble maker, a bit naughty maybe, without a doubt loud, boisterous and unrestrained, but he was good natured and generous to a fault.

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A pleasure to have known. He certainly didn't deserve his fate. Apparently, somewhere on a hillside in Cornwall, a four pack of Special Brew is buried in his honour. A fitting gesture. Finally, if anyone knows where Kenny is Herefordshire maybe? Annony Mouse My friends and I went to Treworgy, in small camper vans, with tickets, and had a great time. Yes, we did acid, which was good in those days and were stoned most of the liskeatd. I remember the campsite nes was laid on the ground with compression connectors.

Some bright sparks decided to undo the connectors zfe them to save queuing at the standpipes. The whole system failed and for days there was little or no running water. That and the sun, which was baking, caused everything there to be covered in fine dust, thus giving the impression that it lkskeard been there for months!

Secondly, I can add just a few hazy reflections of the Treworgey Tree fayre. They played the stage in the Traveller Field. Aside from that, musically I remember hearing very sex chat new liskeard an zee, dislocated acid house all over the place. Some very, very dodgy seeming people. A guy who threatened to set my brother's tent on fire if he didn't move his car.

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He didn't look like he was joking. Police walked around in pairs and zer stuff thrown at them - they didn't bother trying to arrest anyone that I saw. It was intriguing but disconcerting to see the same hostility from a 'counterculture' as I was familiar with from the 'straight' world, but that's people for you. I suppose we did look like fluffy well-off middle-class kids to some of these people. The travellers I knew were friendly if a bit nutty but there were some real psychos here and I had not encountered the wn.

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Having said that, a good time was had and the vibe stayed just the right side of madness. I'm not sure how things would have been if it had rained though! Sam Carpenter hi we arrived there a few days before and got a job helping set stuff up - which meant free entry - we didnt have much cash but didnt need any as we had a real stroke of luck. Duncan Just found your site — nice one. We mixture of Crusty, Psychobilly types drove up from London having picked up a hitcher on the way.

Got in on Saturday Morning — its was chaos. Parked up in an adjacent field, forgot about the tent and went down to in the throng. This was my first festival and even though I was ah tad green at the time, I have never seen so many people so bolloxed in a field anywhere. This happened both nights. Saw a few bands - Bykers used to have a bootleg on tape of that — unsure where it is nowFrantic Flinstones, Demented are go, Luna Chicks, Hawkwind thought they were still tuning up, then realised that they were half way through their setMisty in Roots, Chaos UK blew up the PA — sn it was really dark at night, no lighting apart from stages.

Lost everyone on the first night for a few hours —not my best move.

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