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Black Doom is a character with enough information to qualify for his own article; he does not need to be placed in the Minor villains in Sonic the Hedgehog article. User:Denjo Erazor has more backstory then Black doom and he doesn't have his chst. Why shouldn't Black Doom be any different?

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He should at least be merged with the Black Arms article. User:Denjo History[ edit ] Who ever actually edited the History section, turst me, that suker wasted his time. It says History which means its the history of Black Doom, but it was edited like a story, if i have rroom i will do some more editing. Please, don't add any noob fodder here! If anything the other pictures would be vandalized first.

We should have a picture of Devil Doom. That's what I'm talking about. It looks like a massive scrotum!!!! Honestly, I don't see how the trolls would be able to resist. I dunno, check some Sonic related site. From Dalek Black Doom's power[ edit ] Hi. I'm not a registered user here, sorry.

Moving along, I know I'm not a registered user but I think I have a useful critique about how you spoke of Black Doom's power. While I won't argue Omg black chat room Chaos as his true power has never been seen the fight he had with Super Sonic shouldn't be counted as Super Sonic's good powers were more powerful than his anger and Biolizard is obviously weaker than Black Doom, or even Dark Oak who I think he's even with should he not assume his Devil Doom form I will argue your Metal Overlord statement.

Not only did it take more power to defeat Metal Overlord, but one might even say the only reason that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles beat Metal Overlord was because of the bond they share which could have amplified the power of the Chaos Emeralds like in Sonic Adventure's battle with Perfect Chaos or that they work surprisingly well as a team. Shadow on the other hand, was alone and had no real motivations that would apply to the Chaos Emeralds he was just determined to beat him; he had didn't have any emotional boost from Maria or any other positive feelings the Emeralds usually amplify when used.

Sorry to go a bit off topic in the last sentence or two but I thought it neccessary to emphasize my point. Chances are, you'll ignore this and not acknowledge anything I said but I figured it would be better to talk to you this way rather than adding to another like I did with the Mortal Kombat species. If you do decide to read this, riom I would be honored, especially if you agreed or commented on what I said.

Speaking of commenting on things I've said, you can refer to me as Ninja Bot if the need ever arises. Once again, sorry about not being a registered user. I'm not a registered user too, but toom the battle with Metal Overlord, Tails and Knuckles wasn't in their omg black chat room forms SuperSonic gave them a some sort rpom an energetic shield, maybe Sorry for my bad english.

Omg black chat room

Shadow did have positive feelings from Maria; she showed up blzck the transmission from Gerald, which helped to remind Shadow of the promise he made to her. It was Shadow's determination to protect humanity, as Maria wanted him to do, that gave him his determination to destroy Black Doom.

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In Sonic the HedgehogSuper Sonic uses his own power to transform Shadow and Silver into their own respective super forms. Granted, their fur had changed colour toom of having an energy orb around them, though they were transformed in the same way as Tails and Knuckles were. It's been removed. This is not a forum! Please stop putting fan fiction or non article-related, or "Who is more stronger? Try some forum.

And please do not post it here! There is too much information on Black Doom to put on the already long Black Arms article, and since GUN doesn't get a rewrite to take out all the blac, weapons it uses, I don't like the idea of the Black Arms article having to be shortened.

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Oubliette20 July UTC i agree. Who cares how similar Black Doom is to Trigon? Just about everything in the game that seems to be a reference to TV is purely coincidental.

Omg black chat room

The Billy Hatcher references in the game are intentional. I'm going to remove the Trivia section for lack of real information. Shadoman4 October UTC Energy sources[ edit ] Let's face it, there's no good reason for the Black Arms to have gone 2, years without food!!!! Clearly, Black Doom is more than smart enough not to let his spawn or himself starve, so you'd think that the Black Arms would have raided other planets while waiting to invade Earth.

Speaking of raids, the Black Arms might be the "enemies" that had attacked the Seedrians eight years prior to the Metarex conflict in Sonic X. The reason that it's the Black Arms is that they're the cht canonical hostile extraterrestrials for the Sonic series; the Xorda from the Archie continuity had a personal vendetta against Earth, so they don't count even though they did constantly threaten the Kmg.

Plus, the Black Arms are predatory, so they'd actually have a good reason to omg black chat room the Seedrian planet; I don't see how the Xorda could benefit from pulverizing a bunch of innocent plants. So, do you think Black Doom could be considered an enemy of the Metarex, and the enemy of the Seedrians in general? I'd like to have your opinion on this! Well, then, why don't you just add a debunkment in the discussion itself?

That would be preferable to just deleting it. You can't post theories that contribute nothing to the article.

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So, sorry, we don't just use talk s for "discussions" here, it's not a forum. One the other hand, if it's met with widespread disapproval, then it's only my opinion and it has no place on an encyclopedic aricle. But if it's approved, I don't see why it shouldn't be accepted into the main article. Original research is when you write something without any reference.

So, the information could be true, just never confirmed. This is a theory. And just because people vote, it dosen't balck that possibly wrong theories can go into an article. ogm

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When I said that it should be put in the article if the community agreed with it, I forgot to mention that it would have to be labeled as mere speculation. There's a rlom difference between a theory and a fact, after all. The keyword here is theory. That doesn't mean that it's factual, just that it's a theory shared by most of the community. Of course, like I said, if people disagree with it, then I'll back down without any fuss.


For example let's say Sega never confirmed that Sonic was a hedgehog, and the games were just called "Sonic". Even if it is obvious that Sonic is a hedgehog and everyone thinks so, we can't just say that he is, even if we state it's speculatory. So, sorry, if I could I'd put your theory in the article as it shows what some fans "think". But this is an encyclopedia. And encyclopedias aren't usually filled with speculation or rumours. You've got to remember that.

I'm quite sure that many other s have theories on them, if only for the sake of maintaining a neutral point of view. Of course, this particular rumor would be better suited for Alien Species in Sonic the Hedgehogand it is also there, but nobody's responded to it. Anyways, I don't think it would do any harm to include a popular rumor.

But if you're theory is proved to be quite popular, it would deserve to be up. Any volunteers? I guess you'll just have to wait and see what others think. But, you may have to wait a while, Black Doom isn't exactly a really popular or that watched article. I can understand the theory, but I agree that that doesn't mean it should be included. You're basically saying "We know of two alien races in Sonic Team-connected works, one peaceful and one hostile. Because the peaceful race's enemy is never named, we can just omg black chat room it's the Black Arms".

If that's revealed to be the case in the apparently forthcoming final season of Sonic X, then sure, go ahead and add it. But right now, it's just a theory with very little basis to go on. It's useless fluff like those people who feel the need to add "Some fans think that I put this theory out there because I felt that it was the best way to explain just what could have attacked Cosmo's homeworld and motivated Lucas to become Dark Oak. Where is everybody?!?

Both species live in separate continuities. Therefore, unless the Black Arms appear in season 4 of Sonic X, your theory pretty much has no validity.

Omg black chat room

This includes theories, postulates, unpublished rumours and speculation, interviews, drawing conclusions not cited in sources, speculation based on primary sources, or drawing a unique conclusion from a single or multiple sources when such a boack was not brought up within them. All such material should be removed. If you want to discuss theories, take it rlom a message board or chat room- keep it out of this encyclopedia. Well, I made a promise, and I intend to keep it.

Omg black chat room

I'll leave the theory here, in case anybody else wants to chime in, but, in the blackk, could you guys direct me to a good message board where I could take this? Near the end especially when it's discussing the events of Last Story. It's also a frequent target for "Black Doom is teh baddest of the bAd!!

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Going over the other villains in the SegaSonic continuity, we find that Black Doom is probably the most evil, and his ropm was the most, to put it lightly, disturbing. Doctor Eggman has become a bit soft over the years; Sega itself has said so! Omg black chat room wasn't evil, just really pissed off. The Biolizard wasn't a villain in itself, it was just obeying its programmingand Gerald cha evil, he'd just gone insane after Maria died. Metal Sonic was clearly evil, but he really only wanted domination, and his plan, while clever, wasn't nearly as insidious as Black Doom's.

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Had I known blizzard were going to tie a long sought after QoL change to a pointless lore decision I would have.


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