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April 11, Dear Ann, friends, and comrades: Frind have found it difficult to share an entry in this journal. I never made one before Will died, but had birlington several failed attempts. Somehow I was unable to find my voice for this forum. I had enjoyed reading various entries from time to time, and Will expressed to me on several occasions how gratifying and encouraging this website was for him. I commented to him that although capitalism is still with us, he had obviously caused countless revolutions in the lives of innumerable people, mine among them. Since Will's death I have visited this site often.


I too will never forget my first trip one weekend with other students to Will and Ann's hillside homestead in Westford to help haul and stack firewood, accompanied by engaging conversation. I was once again utterly blown away by Will and now Ann. These were two of the kindest, warmest and most sincere and genuine people I had ever met. And I was in complete awe of their place -- the amazing and unique house Will had built, the enormous collection of alternative posters upstairs, their composting toilet, the largest collection of bathroom reading material in the form of alternative press ever imaginable, their huge garden, Ann's beautiful hand-woven baskets hanging from the open beams, their sheep that supplied the wool for those sweaters, the old Land Cruiser with the plate "DOUBT" that could go anywhere and haul huge lo of firewood out of their woods, and the fact that they heated their place goor with wood and the passive solar from the ggood two-storied and homemade windows making up the entire south face of the house.

Coronavirus in vermont: news and impact on your community

These are just some of the mental snapshots of the beginnings of what came to be such a close and enduring friendship with both Ann and Will. Heaft count myself extremely fortunate that our lives have intersected as much as they have these past 22 years. Outside the classroom, I took Will's "courses" in activism and organizing, the struggle for social justice, and what it means to lead a good and meaningful life.

Good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend

I struggled along with Will and my fellow students against apartheid seekx South Africa and challenged the University Administration and Trustees over UVM's investments in companies doing business in South Africa. I was arrested with Will during that struggle. We worked together in opposition to the murderous wars in Central America, the so-called War on Drugs, military and CIA recruitment on campus, and much, much more. Subsequently, my decision to go to burlingtob school I largely attribute to Will.

My purpose was to acquire skills that I could put to use in the struggle for social justice. While there, I helped revive the National Lawyer's Guild chapter. We organized, educated and agitated around numerous issues.

We brought in speakers such as Michael Parenti and Bernadette Devlin. We set up a film series, trained in and offered military and draft counseling and protested against the first Iraq War. Will was among the speakers at a large rally we had against the War. While in veemont school I also helped Will organize a Grand Jury project for UVM students being investigated by federal prosecutors in connection with buses that were burned at UVM around the time of the Diversity University movement.

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My commitment to social justice fostered by Will led to my decision to focus upon prison law, prisoners' rights and civil rights. I've been fortunate to spend most of my career practicing in this area of the law representing prisoners, first in Vermont as a student throughout law school and then and now in upstate New York. Prisoners are by and large the poorest and most powerless segment of society, politically disempowered, in the greatest social disfavor, and in the most need of legal assistance since every aspect of their existence is governed by the State.

After law school Ann and Will allowed me to hole up for awhile in their cabin to study for the bar exam. I'll always remember those sunny summer days studying in the tranquil little spot they created for me, with great meals and, of course, engaging discussions in the evenings. Later still, when I was working at Prisoners' Legal Services of New York in Plattsburgh and my wife Karen was in graduate school in Maine, I was partly living out of my office, partly on the road and in Maine, and partly at Ann and Will's.

Without hesitation and without exception, they always generously offered to me a place to come to whenever I needed it. Aside from representing prisoners and immigrants, I have also represented activists. Good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend group was folks arrested in the mid's during our protests at the National Governor's Conference, seeking to stop the then-impending execution of Mumia Abu Jamal.

Later I helped represent Will and other folks arrested in at Bernie Sander's office, over Bernie's support for the U. It was also around that time that I had the privilege of helping Will bring his grievance against UVM before the Vermont Labor Relations Board, for the many years of mistreatment by the University in retaliation for his outspoken views and union organizing.

This is something I had long been appalled at and always wanted to help Will fight.

Good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend

Although we lost the grievance, it at least helped pull together in one place and document the history of Will's experience and treatment at the University, as well as the political firings of others at UVM. The grievance materials are all available at Will's website.

Good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend

While naturally disappointed that we lost, Will was not too upset, most especially because the unionization effort he had been carrying on and keeping alive for thirty years was finally coming to fruition. Will's view was always that it was far better to work collectively and that a union contract would be the only way to assure fair and equal treatment.

These too are on Burlibgton website. I can't forget these! It was such a pleasure to hert on godo Boards of these twin left funding organizations with Ann, Will, Erik Sakai and Beth Mintz for hexrt 12 years roughly At least three times a year we all met, usually at Will and Ann's, and spent the better part of a day vefmont and deciding where to fund the movement for radical social change among the organizations that had applied for grants.

It offered a unique perspective, over time, of the movement good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend in Vermont. There's so much more. This is just an outline of my involvement with Ann and Will and of the wider impact Will has had through his influence upon just my life's course, my choices and commitments. And I've said nothing about how he taught me how to be my own electrician. Last week my relationship with Will came full circle in a way.

Will's Intro to Philosophy 1 class was the first time I ever studied and discussed death from an intellectual and philosophical perspective, outside of religious teachings. It also turned out to be the last thing sekes taught me about, by way of direct experience. I feel privileged and deeply honored to have been with Will when he died. Despite the incredible loss I feel, I was so glad that I could be there with him and help him, holding his hand, and with Ann letting him know seels was okay to let go, burlingtom his work was done here, and that we would all carry on the struggle.

And we will. I find this one of the best and most cogent and concise arguments for why a more egalitarian and libratory society and end to capitalism does not run counter to human nature, and why bringing about such change is a social and ecological imperative. I'm some reason I can't see him. Oh so I'll better. Put is holding a jar big jar. It's heavy now. Even more water does have what Jesus is talking about what what makes him a and what he The woman at the well is that loving God and live alive and even food and drink at alive.


March’s shooting stars

So I want you to think about that. Geneva is gonna lead us in our prayer at this time, please me for our prayers. Right today for you to help children to know and feel your living water that it becomes a fresh bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life in the name of Jesus. I want it as we time I like folks prayer concerns their prayer concerns on chat zoo or they can she turn on the on the on Facebook notes over here I invite you to do.

And I see Steve are you still on the screen or an eye on the screen for folks. Karen Yeah. Oh, yes, I have her concern. Remember I asked for preaching We know Paul called the time was A hundred thought that was on new death, but she's he's a survivor and she's hanging off now, a hundred and 10 years old and still hanging in there. Wow Same is watching a chin chin. Prayer request that again are. The Mitchell family she's 20 - eight year old with a stage, four breast cancer and price.

We pray for everyone medical personnel and first responders swing with with the Corona vibrate thing in addition, grown a good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend we we are grateful Reverend David Hawks Falls is now is His cane, we pray body to be patient with the Corona virus and to try to keep their social de.

Good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend

Taok continued prayers for Eva It's Jerry, I believe we perform. All of these prayers lived up to knowing that God hears them and so let us continue in our spirit of prayer. We thank you miss and mercy we third the well of May and freedom your guiding care. We are so hot by your love and attentive and attentiveness. Which lives we lift good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend our prayers, praise and Thanksgiving. Being Christ, we delved and for others.

And by the pan that is swept across the world, our individual concerns overshadowed by a virus that has brought our lives almost with substance our work, our school gatherings have been up and we do not know if I will return to normal. We pray from that people frienv workers all of the essential workers who are risking their lives that we may live whose work ahead and suspended juice may they be afforded Reeses to get through this time we pray for.

Sick may they we pray for the residents and staff at Burn Health and Rehab. We pray for all of our le May they make good decisions for all of society for those who are not yet teeing the virus seriously, they change their behaviors more maybe protecting an illness, New York City is overwhelmed. We pray for your lens for Washington's eight for Italy and other play the health care system pray for the Nations.

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We're trying to those within their borders. They are world leaders work together to lessen the viruses impact worldwide. We pray for those who live in a threat, violence and oppression pray for the people of Afghanistan of Syria of a and we pray for Palace Israel your resurrection and new be experienced here and around the world. Hear us lift up prayers. Spirit We live to you knowing hear them all now as we pray the prayer Jesus taught us our father who art in heaven hollowed be eating by Kingdom God will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day plus our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us not into. A person may there's no offering plate to path, but the need the church and the needs of the world. Give plus phone app or our website and all of the gifts even the gifts of your time are great blessing.

Summaries of the news:

Let us pray living God. Good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend offer you ourselves and our you us and hheart gifts. Amen our dog. To be Are during these we were doing the readings ultimate and song and New Testament. I am to actually choosing we're gonna skip the exiting and we're gonna get to this and and we're gonna do 90 - five just through seven and two and for that again better work anyway, you can Aaron Why would about the the exodus? Why does I wanted to focus on the gospel reading?

The X is a little. It's a little dry for today. It's about Grumpiness and Burlimgton don't we need extra grumpiness today. Okay I understood. Let us know in the morning. Let us to the rock of our salvation. Let us come. US to him with songs and for the Lord God and great thing about the death of the mountains. It's also the season for he needed and the dryer, which is hands harmed on the dryer.

Welcome vowed. He is our God. Other people. Our club reading from burrlington Gospel of John Chapter four verses five through Oh Jesus came to a Samaritan City called Sea car near the pump that Jacob even Joseph kept well, air and Jesus tired out by his journey was sitting by the Hrart.

Burlington, vermont

It was about noon. Is it you a Jew The drink of me, a woman of Samaria Judeo thing. In common with featured her the gift of God and who it is going to you give me a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you, the woman said to him, sir no bucket and the leap or do you get that living water Are you greater than our ancestor? Jacob, who gave us the well and with his sons and his floss drank from it, Jesus her one thinks of this water will be begin for those who drink of the.

I will give them for be thirsty the water that I will give become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life, The wind said to him, sir give me this water that they never be 30 or have to keep her to draw water, Jesus said. To her go call your husband come back woman. I have no husband, Jesus said. You are right in saying that I have no husband or you have had five husbands and the wow is not your. What you have said and said to him, Sir, I see that you are a prophet, our answers worshiped on this mountain who say that the place last word is injured, Jesus said to her women believe our is coming who will worship the father on this Majerus Salem do worship would not know we ship what we know salvation is from those but the hour is coming here.

Will worship the father in spirit for the father seeks such as the worship him. God is spirit those who worship him in spirit and truth the one bed to him at Messiah is called Christ when he will proclaim to us, Jesus said to her, I am he the one looking to you just then his de astonished that he was skiing with a woman. No one said. What do you want or why are you speaking with? Then the woman love jar and went back, she said. People come and see a man who told me thing I have ever done.

He cannot be the messiah and were on their way me the disciple urging him rabbi eat something said to them have food to eat that you do not know about the disciples, said to one another, No one has brought him something to eat, Jesus said. My food is to do the will of him meant me and to work. Do you not say four months more than comes the host, but I love you, Brown you and see how the feel are right for hosting the reaper is already seen wages and is gathering for eternal life so that sowers Reaper may rejoice for hear the saying old one.

For which you did not lay others have labored and you have into their labor means from that city believe him with of woman's testimony told me everything I had done so when the Samaritans good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend to him asked him to stay with them. I stayed their days and many more because of his word the woman, it is no longer because of what you say believe for we have for ourselves and we know that the.

Is truly the savior of the world. Put me in a spirit of worship. May the mouth stations of all some portable involved our strength, deemer Amen. How many of you get at home on Zoom, you can raise your hand buckets can be very you have around especially for do it yourself project. Those of us were have opportunity to do lots of bucket and gather up but we want or needs is our gardening stuff with us, Legos or water to watch issues and save us big messes, which is looking ceilings or clogged ups.

Sand hurt our backs if we need them for very long meeting today's scripture Tech, I found myself thinking about about that. We carry around with us that are sometimes held and sometimes a heavy burden. Jesus invites us to let go of our buckets to share in the living water. God's love in a season and we are trained with companions on the way to the club and our compete as we sell our G.

A woman at the well who another good Samaritan, sometimes we forget, there's more than one Jesus conversation with her amazing story of transformation and inclusion, and it sends in stark contrast, actually with the story of Nest, which we read a few weeks good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend. The Samaritan woman is either. We don't even learn the name She has no status and no knowledge at all.

How to support vermonters of color: 'listen to us'

About round a lot back and forth between gas in the North through this and you the South where Jerusalem is the Maria the home of the much maligned Samaritans is in the Middle right between Kelly and Judah and ends and gas would travel out of the two event going for you it just big Marriott to avoid it but Jesus decides those straight good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend talj, which makes his disciples.

Bother anxious honestly, and so when he gets to the famous well of Jacob, he stops mid-day rest while he waits there by himself. Jesus speaks to her saying, give me a drink now for us to speak to her. This beast breaking good sorts social rules A woman he's a stranger and a Samaritan, but Jesus breaks these society all the time What's more extraordinary.

Her is the fact that he that speaks back zeeks him, he had a response would be for excellent, give him some water and then response request up with a challenge. How is it that you a Jew? Ask a drew me a woman of Samaria in essence asking. Who are you? Do you want Jesus bonds with the challenge of her own of his own? If you knew the gift of God and who it is that saying to you, give me a you would ask him and he will give you living water goo water. There's another one of gospel of John's favorite words with a double meat and loves these double meeting words, Water can mean fresh moon water like from a sink or it means giving water and we're supposed to hear.

Bogging, but the Samaritan only hears one, she says, But sir, you have no the Web really power you're going to manage hearg for you somehow, bad and Jacob your ancestor in mind to get water out of Jacob. The picture of the bucket how big that was her jar burlungton though Jesus frames his challenge to her at station whoever drinks. Will never be thirsty the water common them a spotter gushing up a life.

The bburlington and woman doesn't understand complete the invitation anyway, Sir give me this water so that I may never be and I may stop carrying this bucket around. food

Good heart seeks burlington vermont talk friend

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