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I'm gonna see if I can put a comment in your high of moms. Oh, I did it. Moffitt stopped hi everybody. This is so exciting.


I'm gonna see if I can put a comment in your high of moms. Oh, I did it. Moffitt stopped hi everybody. This is so exciting. The new mom is finally here. It's finally live. Cheers everybody.

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I'm like your like great aunt. I'm like well. I'm on this new thing called Instagram. I'm so excited. I have to say we launched the 48 hours ago and of you funny smart supportive moms are on this.

I just can't wait for where this is gonna go and where this community is gonna. Uh today is mom roulette.

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Alright, That means I am going live with whoever will me live and I wanna see you in your real estate. I don't wanna see you in your cute crop. Top two piece with your hair done and your lashes on and your with the ring light and your laundry room. I don't wanna see that I wanna see the real you. I wanna see you breastfeeding. I wanna see you with your hair in a messy bun. I wanna see you making dinner folding laundry whatever you're doing right now.

And check in on your life for just a minute I am gonna ask you rapid-fire questions. I'm talking like Chat roulette quebec gonna make you nervous a little bit. I wanna get to know you very quickly and I wanna get roulett know a lot of you so that is how mom roulette is going to work. Um first, I just wanna remind you that we have 5 days of giveaways happening on the. I'm drinking to that Skype roupette. Lunch boxes for the kiddos Today's giveaway was left on is left on Friday, swimwear my favorite when we're in the entire earth.

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The only reason that I will go in public wearing roluette bathing suit is because of these bathing suits. We have a head to toe look from one of my favorite kids line. The urban nursery and grocery money from and the giveaways are up for a week. Alright Okay. I'm very nervous. I just snot. I'm very nervous about mom roulette because Evan said to me like you know like someone could just like show you their penis and I was like I don't think you understand foulette new mom who this community.

Chat roulette quebec

I will jump you in the live. I will ask you one of my many um rapid fire questions. I'm seeing your request I am going live. I don't know who you are where you're from what you did as long as you love me. Hi Christy Jessie Christy. You need some better lighting in there. Rouette are you?

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I mean open your fridge Use the fridge light. I'll take anything Christy. I'm in Whitby and I'm sorry. I'm a mess. Oh my God Christy. I wanna see you in your messiest Real-life State. Hi Christy. You're my first um are you a mom? I am I have a five year-old Boy Christy did you notice that my bra strap just fell down and roultete like roklette of those ugly nude. It's like the maternity it goes it. So you're so you're and how old he's five and what's his name. His name chat roulette quebec Brody Okay and Christy.

Do you realize that you're Christy from Whitby is that well? I'm actually Christy from copper, but I live in Whitby now okay. Well we forgive you for that. Alright Christy. I'm gonna call you Christy from Whitby. I'm gonna ask you a series of rapid-fire questions before we move on to our next mom. Are you ready?

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Christy from whitney's mother of Brody. I'm ready here we go currently are your legs carrier smooth. Oh oh good for you Who is your first celebrity crush. Oh my gosh. Rolette, I'm Jordan Knight mucus on the block. Oh, really I have you checked on him lately. Oh yes. You know what Jordan and I would be lucky to get some Christy from whiskey.

We're getting personal. When was the rouletge time you made out Sunday. Oh crispy. I have my air horn, but you know if I did, that's all we need to know about Christy Christy.

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You are a hero. You're a champion. Brody is obviously lucky to have you as a mom and I'm sending you so much love. Thank you. Thanks Christy. Thanks for being my first hi good chat roulette quebec talk to you. Oh you too. That was so fun. Christy Okay. I cha know I don't know to say bye to you Christy. Okay, Bye Christy.

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I figured it out someone just ask me if they could if they were pregnant. Chxt my god you can if you are not a mom, you can if you are uh a young gay man. Anyone can Okay. So Christy I think is going guys.

We're we're gonna figure it out. Christy's First crush was Jordan Knight tell me in the comments who was your first crush like your first celebrity crush because I think, and this is really weird.

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Don't even know if this counts as a celebrity, but I think mine was um the like out like the dad from Alvin and the Chipmunks like the cartoon man who looked after the Chipmunks and most of the time it was like you just saw his legs. I just thought he was so attractive and like he was a real, you know paternal figure and I was really into him. Okay coming in next Tanisha Tanisha who's handle is coach diva, which I'm very into.

Tanisha is ing us next I hope and again we have no idea who these people will be where they will be from. Okay coach We're chat roulette quebec for coach she'll pop in soon. I wanna give you a slight um Moffitt update.

roulettd I don't want you to judge me or think of me in any other way. I don't want you to like you know not be able to make eye contact with me anymore, but Bob and I are all up in each other's DM so just so you know, okay. So we have in the comments Karina said.

Unfortunately, um our friend was unable to so we're gonna find somebody else.

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