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Top 10 Richest Person in the World 2018-19 is the most reliable source to know about the Top 10 Richest Person in the world, their biography, personal life, family, business, net worth and much more that will help you to find all information regarding the richest persons in the World. Below is a list of all the richest persons who believed themselves and achieved their target goals with lots of efforts and hard work.

Top 10 Richest Person in the world


10- David Koch

10. David Koch

David Koch Biography:

David Koch is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world, businessman, political activist, a chemical engineer, and philanthropist. David Koch was born on May 03, 1940 in Wichita, Kansas, United States of America. His age is 78 years. His height is 6 feet and 5 inches. His religion is Christian. His mother name is Mary R. Koch and his father name is Fred C. Koch. David Koch has three brothers and the names of his brothers are; Charles Koch, Frederick R. Koch, and Bill Koch. In Massachusetts, David Koch attended the Deerfield Academy Prep School and he graduates in 1959. David Koch went on the (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology for earning bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemical engineering. David Koch earned a bachelor’s degree in 1962 and a master’s degree in 1959.

David Koch Career:

David Koch joined Koch Industries under his brother Charles in 1970, as a technical service manager. In 1979 David
Koch founded the company’s New York office and David Koch became the president of his own division. The presidential election of 1980, David Koch was the Libertarian Party’s Vice-Presidential candidate. David Koch broke with the Libertarian Party when Libertarian Party supported eliminating all taxes in 1984. Since then,
David Koch has been a Republican.

David Koch Personal Life:

In 1996 David Koch married Julia Flesher and David Koch has 3 children. He has two sons and one daughter. The names of children are; John Mark Koch (Son), David Koch Jr. (Son) and Mary Julia Koch (Daughter). David was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992. He underwent radiation, hormone therapy, and surgery but everytime cancer has returned. David Koch has said he believes his experience with cancer that cancer has encouraged him to fund medical research.

David Koch Net Worth:

The Net Worth of David Koch is 50.9 billion USD (2018).

9- Charles Koch

9. Charles Koch

Charles Koch Biography:

He is a businessman, philanthropist, and political donor. Charles Koch was born on November 1, 1935, in Wichita, Kansas, United States of America. His age is 83 years. His height 175cm. His weight is 82kg. His eye color is Light Blue and his hair color is Grey. His mother name is Mary R. Koch and his father names are Fred C. Koch and Harry Koch. Charles Koch has three brothers and the names of his brothers are; David Koch, Bill Koch, and Frederick R. Koch. Charles Koch is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. Charles Koch was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after attending several private high schools. In 1957 Charles Koch received a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering, in 1958 Charles Koch received a degree of Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering and in 1960 he received a degree of Master of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Charles Koch Career:

Charles Koch started work at Arthur D. Little, Inc after college. He moved back to Wichita to join his father’s business, Rock Island Oil and Refining Company in 1961. Charles Koch became president of business at that time business was just a medium-sized oil firm and in the same year in honor of his father Charles Koch renamed the firm Koch Industries.

Charles Koch Personal Life:

Charles Koch married Liz Koch in 1972 and Charles Koch has two children. Charles Koch has a son and daughter. The name of his son is Chase Koch and his daughter name is Elizabeth Koch. Charles David and his three siblings (brothers) have all suffered from prostate cancer.

Charles Koch Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Charles Koch is US$54.2 billion (September 2018).


8- Larry Ellison

8. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison Biography:

He is a philanthropist, businessman, and entrepreneur who is the co-founder of chief technology officer and executive chairman of Oracle Corporation. Larry Ellison was born on August 17, 1944, New York City, New York, United States of America. His age is 74 years. His Height is 6 feet and 3 inches. His weight is 67kg. His mother’s names are Florence Spellman (Adoptive mother) and Lillian Ellison and his father name is Louis Ellison. Larry Ellison is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. Larry Ellison left the University at Urbana-Champaign and not taking his final exams after his second year because of his adoptive mother death. Larry Ellison attended the University of Chicago for one term after spending a summer in northern California, USA. In the University of California, he first encountered computer design. He moved to northern California in 1966 and that Ellison was 22 years old.

Larry Ellison Career:

Larry Ellison began working for Ampex Corporation after a brief stint at Amdahl Corporation in 1970. His projects for CIA included a database and he named “Oracle”. Larry Ellison was inspired by a paper on relational database systems written by Edgar F. Codd. The relational database systems called “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks”. His investment of $2,000; $1,200 and with his two partners Larry Ellison founded Software Development Laboratories. In April 2009 Forbes ranked him as the richest Californian.

Larry Ellison Personal Life:

The marital status of Larry Ellison is Divorced. Ellison has been married four different times to four women. In 1967 his first marriage was to Adda Quinn and they divorced in 1977. Then he married Nancy Wheeler Jenkins and they divorced in 1978. Larry Ellison exchanged vows with a Barbara Boothe she used to work as a receptionist in his company in 1983. They had two children, the names of children are; David and Megan Ellison. After three years in 1986, they divorced. Larry Ellison was married to romance novelist Melanie Craft between 2003 and 2010. Since his fourth divorce, Larry Ellison has been in a long-term relationship with model and actress Nikita Kahn.

Larry Ellison Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Larry Ellison is US$59.5 billion (November 2018).


7- Amancio Ortega

7. Amancio-Ortega-Gaon

Amancio Ortega Biography:

He is a Spanish businessman. Amancio Ortega was born on March 28, 1936, in Busdongo de Arbás, León, Spain. His age is 82 years. Amancio Ortega is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. His sun sign is Aries. His mother name is Josefina Gaona and his father name is Antonio Ortega Rodriguez. Amancio Ortega has two sisters and one brother. The name of his sisters are; Pilar Ortega Gaona and Josefa Ortega Gaona and his brother name is Antonio Ortega. Amancio Ortega the youngest of four children spent his childhood in León. Due to the job of his father as a railway worker, at the age of 14, Amancio left the school and moved to AA Coruña. Amancio found a job for a local shirtmaker called Gala as a shop hand.

Amancio Ortega Career:

Amancio Ortega founded Confecciones Goa to sell quilted bathrobes in 1972. Amancio Ortega opened his first Zara Store with his wife Rosalía Mera in 1975. In 2000 the public appearance of Amancio Ortega, on the stock market as a part of the warm-up prior to his company’s initial public offering and made headlines in the Spanish financial press in 2001. Amancio has only ever granted interviews to three journalists. For its second edition of the AEF wards, the Spanish Association of Foundation awarded Amancio Ortega in the 2017 Philanthropic Initiative category in July 2017.

Amancio Ortega Personal Life:

The personal life of Amancio Ortega is very private as of 2012 Amancio Ortega had only given three interviews to journalists. In 1966 Amancio Ortega married Rosalia Mera and divorced in 1986. In August 2013 Rosalia Mera died at the age of 69. In 2001 Amancio Ortega married his second wife Flora. Amancio Ortega has three children. Amancio Ortega has two daughters and one son. The name of his daughters are; Sandra Ortega Mera and Marta Ortega and his son name are Marcos Ortega Mera. As of 2017, Amancio Ortega lived with his wife in La Coruna, Spain.

Amancio Ortega Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Amancio Ortega is US$63.4 billion (2018).


6- Carlos Slim Helu

6. Charlos

Carlos Slim Biography:

Carlos Slim is a Mexican business philanthropist, inventor, engineer, and magnate. In Mexico City Carlos Slim Helu was born on January 28, 1940. His age is 78 years. Carlos Slim Helu is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. His sun sign is Aquarius. His weight is 90kg and his height is 5 feet and 8 inches.  His sexual orientation is straight, his eye color is Light Brown and his hair color is Salt and Pepper. His mother name is Linda Helú Atta and his father name is Julián Slim Haddad (Birth name – Khalil Salim Haddad Aglamaz). Carlos Slim Helu has three sisters and two brothers. The names of his sisters are; Linda Slim Helú, Alma Slim Helú, and Nour Slim Helú and his son’s names are; Julián Slim Helú and José Slim Helú. At a young age, Carlos Slim Helu always knew he wanted to be a businessman and began to develop his business and investment acumen. From his father, Carlos Slim Helu received business lessons. His father taught him management, accounting and finance and teaching him how to read financial statements with the importance of keeping accurate financial records. Carlos invested in a government savings bond that taught him about the concept of compound interest at the age of 11. Carlos Slim Helu made his first stock purchase by purchasing the share in a Mexican bank at the age of 12. Carlos Slim Helu displayed an interest in economics though Carlos Slim Helu was a civil engineering. Carlos Slim Helu took economics in Chile once Carlos finished his engineering degree.

Carlos Slim Career:

In 1961 after graduation from college, Carlos Slim Helu began his career as a stock trader in Mexico, often working 14-hours day. Profits from Slim’s private investments reached US$400,000 in 1965 and for Grupo Carso Carlos Slim Helu began laying the financial groundwork. Carlos Slim Helu began investing heavily and bought many flagship companies at depressed valuations. In the early 1990s, Carlos Slim Helu made a large fortune when Mexico privatized its telecom industry and Grupo Carso acquired Telmex from the Mexican government. Carlos Slim Helu, he acquired Hoteles Calinda (now OSTAR Grupo Hotelero) in 1991. Carlos Slim Helu increased his stakes in General Tire and Grupo Aluminio to the point where had a majority interest in 1993. Grupo Carso split into three companies: Grupo Carso, Carso Global Telecom and Invercorporacion in 1996. Carlos Slim Helu began expanding his business interests beyond Latin America in 1999. When Carlos Slim Helu began purchasing large stakes in a number of major US retailers such as OfficeMax, Office Depot, Circuit City, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Comp-USA, Carlos the American business scene by 2003. Carlos Slim Helu formed his own oil company called Carso Oil & Gas on April 15, 2015.

Carlos Slim Personal Life:

In 1967 Carlos Slim married with Soumaya Domit and his wife died in 1999. Carlos Slim Helu has six children. He has three sons and three daughters. The names of daughters are; Johana Slim Domit, Vanessa Slim Domit, and Soumaya Slim Domit and the names of sons are; Marco Antonio Slim Domit, Carlos Slim Domit, and Patrick Slim Domit.

Carlos Slim Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Carlos Slim Helu is US$59.2 billion (November 2018).


5- Mark Zuckerberg

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Biography:

He is a Technology entrepreneur and philanthropist of United States of America. Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York, U.S.A. His age is 34 years. His height is 5 feet and 7 inches. His weight is 70kg. His eye color is Hazel Grey and hair color is Goldish Brown. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. His sun sign is Taurus. His mother name is Karen Kempner and his father name is Edward Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg has three sisters and the names of his sisters are; Donna Zuckerberg, Randi Zuckerberg, and Arielle Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg excelled in classes at Ardsley High School. In his junior year, Mark transferred to the private school Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. In Phillips Exeter Academy Mark won prizes in Science (physics, astronomy, and mathematics). Mark stated that he could read and write French, Hebrew, ancient Greek, and Latin, on his college application. Mark Zuckerberg was captain of the fencing team.

Mark Zuckerberg Career:

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room on 4th February 2004. Mark graduated in 2002 from Phillips Exeter Academy and an earlier inspiration for Facebook maybe come from his this prep school. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook started off as just a Harvard thing once at the college until Mark Zuckerberg decided to spread Facebook to other schools, with the enlisting help of Mark roommate Dustin Moskovitz. Both of them began with New York University, Columbia University, Stanford, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, and Yale. In June 2016 as a CEO of Facebook Mark receives a one-dollar salary. Along with Elon Musk and Sal Khan, Business Insider named Mark one of the Top 10 Business Visionaries Creating Value for the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Personal Life:

At a fraternity party during his sophomore year at Harvard Mark Zuckerberg met his future wife, fellow student Priscilla Chan. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan began dating in 2003. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan married in Zuckerberg’s backyard in an event that also celebrated her graduation from medical school on May 19, 2012. Zuckerberg announced that he and Priscilla Chan were expecting a baby girl. After Priscilla Chan had already suffered three miscarriages, Mark Zuckerberg said that he felt confident that the risk of miscarrying was low so far into the pregnancy. Mark Zuckerberg announced the birth of their daughter, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg on December 1. Mark and Chan announced on their Chinese New Year video that Maxima’s official Chinese name is Chen Mingyu on February 6, 2016. In August 2017, Mark and Chan welcomed their second daughter. The name of the second daughter is August Chan Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Mark Zuckerberg is US$56.4 billion (November 2018).


4- Bernard Arnault

4. Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault Biography:

Bernard Arnault is an art collector, an investor, and French business magnate. Bernard Arnault was born on March 05, 19349 in Roubaix, France. His age is 69 years. His sun sign is Pisces. His height is 6 feet. His weight is 90kg. Bernard eye color is Blue and his hair color is Grey. Bernard Arnault is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. His father name is Jean Leon Arnault. His religion is Christian. Bernard Arnault was admitted to the École Polytechnique in Palaiseau from which he graduated with an engineering degree in 1971 after graduation from the Lycée Maxence Van Der Meersch in Roubaix. Father of Bernard a graduate of École Centrale Paris, was the owner of the civil engineering company, Ferret-Savinel, and manufacturer.

Bernard Arnault Career:

In 1971 after graduation Bernard Arnault joined his father’s company. To change the company focus to the real estate, Bernard Arnault convinced his father for 40 million French Frances to liquidate the construction division of the company. The new company developed a specialty in holidays accommodation using the name of Férinel. In 1979 Bernard Arnault became the CEO. As president of the company, Bernard Arnault succeeded his father. Shortly after the creation of LVMH in 1987. From the merger between two companies Henri Racamier, president of Louis Vuitton and Arnault mediated a conflict between Alain Chevalier, Moët Hennessy’s CEO resulting the brand new luxury group. Bernard Arnault was a member of the Board of Advisors of the Malaysian 1MDb fund from 2010 until 2013.

Bernard Arnault Personal Life:

Bernard Arnault has been married twice and Arnault has four sons and a daughter. From 1973 to 1990 Bernard Arnault first married to Anne Dewavrin and the couple has a son and a daughter. The name of the daughter is Delphine and the name of the son is Antoine. After this Bernard Arnault married to Hélène Mercier-Arnault in 1991. Hélène Mercier-Arnault is from Quebec and she is a Canadian pianist. Hélène Mercier-Arnault and Bernard Arnault have three sons. The names of sons are; Jean, Alexandre, and Frédéric.

Bernard Arnault Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Bernard Arnault is US$74.7 billion (November 2018).


3- Warren Buffett

3. Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett Biography:

He is a business magnate, investor, speaker and philanthropic. Warren Buffett was born on August 30, 1930, in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A. His age is 88 years. His sun sign is Virgo. His height is 5 feet and 10 inches. His weight is 83kg. Warren Buffett is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. His mother name is Leila Buffett and his father name is Howard Buffett. He has two sisters and the names of his sisters are; Doris Buffett and Roberta Buffett Elliott. When Warren Buffett was 17 years old he graduated from high school. In 1947 Warren Buffett eventually entering the Warton School of the University of Pennsylvania, at the age of 19 before graduating and transferring from University of Nebraska. Warren Buffett went on to graduate from Columbia Business School With the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Warren Buffett graduated from the University of Nebraska at the age of 19. With the degree of Master of Science in Economics Warren Buffett graduated from Columbia and then Warren Buffett studied at the New York Institute of Finance.

Warren Buffett Career:

From 1951 to 1954 Warren Buffett worked at Buffett-Falk and Co and from Warren Buffett worked at Graham-Newman Corp as an investment salesman from 1954 to 1956. From 1956 to 1969 Warren Buffett worked as a securities analyst at Buffett Partnership LTD. and he worked as a CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc in 1970. On May 29, 1990, When Berkshire Hathaway began selling class A shares, Warren Buffett became a billionaire. The price of Berkshire Hathaway’s shares hit US$200,000 a share for the first time on August 14, 2014, and capitalizing the company at US$328 billion.

Warren Buffett Personal Life:

Warren Buffett has infatuated with a young woman in 1949 whose current boyfriend had a ukulele. In 1952 Warren Buffett married Susan Buffett (née Thompson). Warren and Susan had three children, the names of children are; Howard, Peter, and Susie. In 1977 Warren and Susan began living separately but until Susan Buffett’s death in July 2004, they remained married. Warren Buffett married his longtime companion, Astrid Menks on his 76th birthday in 2006 and that time Susan was 60 years old.

Warren Buffett Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Warren Buffett is US$84.4 billion (November 2018).


2- Bill Gates

2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates Biography:

He is Technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. His nickname is Trey. His age is 63 years. His height is 5 feet and 9 inches. His weight is 70kg. His sun sign is Scorpio. His religion is Christianity. Bill Gates is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world. His favorite food is Thai and Indian food, concoctions. His eye color is Greyish Blue and his hair color is Grey. His mother name is Mary Maxwell Gates and his father name is Bill Gates Sr. Bill Gates has two sisters and the name of his sisters are; Libby Gates and Kristi Gates. As a child Bill Gates was very curious, depth thinker and competitive. Parents of Bill Gates decided to enroll Gates in the private preparation school, Lakeside School. At Lakeside, Gates soon excelled and at Lakeside Bill Gates made himself oriented a wide variety of subject ranging from English Literature, Math and Science. Even Bill Gates becoming a superb Drama student. Bill Gates was accepted by the prestigious University of Harvard after graduation from Lakeside in 1973.

Bill Gates Career:

To make traffic counters based on the Intel 8008 processor, Bill Gates teamed up with Paul Allen to form a venture called Traf-O-Data. Bill Gates future business collaborator was Paul Allen and Paul Allen was a senior at Lakeside.
In 1975 they collaborated to found Microsoft (initially called Micro-Soft). On November 20, 1985, as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS, Microsoft’s operating systems became very popular and the company introduced an operating system environment named Windows. In 1989 Microsoft introduced Microsoft Office. Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft and retained his position as chairman in January 2000. For himself, he created the new position of Chief Software Architect.

Bill Gates Personal Life:

On the Hawaiian island of Lanai, Bill Gates married Melinda French on a golf course on January 1, 1994, and that time the age of Bill Gates was 38 and the age of Melinda French was 29. Bill and Melinda have three children and the names of children are; Jennifer Katharine born in 1996, Rory John born in 1999 and Phoebe Adele born in 2002.

Bill Gates Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Bill Gates is US$95.6 billion (November 2018).

1- Jeff Bezos

1. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Biography:

He is Technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. His age is 54 years. His sun sign is Capricorn. His height is 5 feet and 8 inches. His weight is 75kg. His nickname is Jeff. His eye color is Light Brown and his hair color is White (Semi-Bald). His religion is Christianity. His hobbies are playing Golf and Tennis. His sexual orientation is straight. His mother name is Jacklyn Bezos and his father name is Ted Jorgensen. Jeff Bezos is one of the top 10 Richest Person in the world.
Jeff Bezos has a sister and a brother. His sister name is Christina Bezos and his brother name is Mark Bezos. With degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Jeff Bezos graduated from Princeton University in 1986. From 1986 to early 1994 Jeff worked on Wall Street in a variety of related fields. In late 1994 on a cross-country road trip from New York City to Seattle Jeff founded Amazon. The Company (Amazon) began as an online bookstore and has expanded to a variety of services and products, including audio and video streaming.

Jeff Bezos Career:

After Bezos graduated from Princeton in 1987, he was offered jobs at Intel, Bell Labs, and Andersen Consulting, among others He was offered jobs at Intel, Andersen Consulting and Bell Labs among others. Jeff first worked a Fitel, a financial telecommunication start-up, In Fitel Jeff was tasked with building a network for international trade. Jeff was promoted to director of the customer service and head of development. After this Jeff transitioned into the banking industry. Jeff became a product manager at Bankers and from 1988 to 1990 he worked there. After this Jeff joined D.E. Shaw & Co in 1990, D.E. Shaw & Co (a newly founded hedge fund). Jeff worked there until 1994. At the age of 30, Jeff became D.E. Shaw’s fourth senior vice-president. Jeff Bezos decided to start an online bookstore in late 1993. Jeff left his job at D.E. Shaw and on July 5, 1994, Jeff founded Amazon in his garage. The Company (Amazon) began as an online bookstore and has expanded to a variety of services and products, including audio and video streaming.

Jeff Bezos Personal Life:

Jeff Bezos was working for D.E. Shaw in Manhattan, New York in 1992 when Jeff met MacKenzie Tuttle (Novelist).
At that time MacKenzie Tuttle was a research associate at the firm. Jeff and MacKenzie were married a year later. They moved across the country to Seattle, Washington in 1994, where Jeff founded Amazon. Jeff and MacKenzie are the parents of four children; one daughter adopted from China and three sons.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth:

The Net Worth of Jeff Bezos is US$137.6 billion (November 2018).

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