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Top 10 Iranian Actresses List – Top Ten Persian  Actresses

Top 10 Iranian Actresses List – Top Ten Persian Actresses

Top 10 Iranian Actresses

From this site you can know about Top 10 Iranian Actresses list – Top Ten Persian Actresses, Iranian actresses also are known as Persian actresses, officially is the Islamic Republic of Iran and we TEMP has updated who are the most beautiful and well known in all over the world. We are providing information about top 10 Iranian actresses that how they maintain their positions in media as new faces are trying to maintain the position and compete vs them. We will discuss their life, their work, their hobbies, and many other things. We hope that you will enjoy our site.

10-Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi Biography:

She was born in Euless on Jan 10, 1980. She is a daughter of Mah Monir Soroush Azar and Abbas Jahansouz Shahi. Her older brother name is Carys and her younger sister name is Samantha. She received her early education from Trinity High School and tango to Southern Methodist University. She adopted Sarah as her name after hearing the song “Sarah” because she was “tormented” by other children about her unusual birth name.

Sarah Shahi Career & Facts:

She started her career after meeting director Robert Altman, who encouraged her to move to Hollywood. She is fluent in Persian, English and also in Spanish. Her several famous Hollywood rolls are Alias, Dawson’s Creek, Reba, Supernatural and DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales on The L Word. Her husband name is Steve Howey to which she married on Feb 7, 2009. Sarah gave birth to their first child and her first child name is William Wolf Howey. On March 1, 2015, she gave birth to her daughter Violet Moon and son Knox Blue.

9-Nazanin Mandi

Nazanin Mandi Iranian Actress

Nazanin Mandi Biography:

She is native of Valencia, California. The one of the Top 10 Iranian Actress is Nazanin Mandi. She was born in Euless on Sep 11, 1986, in Valencia, California, USA. Nazanin height is 5’4″ and in September 2019 Nazanin will be turning 33 years. She TEMP has maintained her position in the list of Top 10 Persian Actress.

Nazanin Mandi Career & Facts:

She is a multi-talented model who gained success after participating in American Idol. She in the world known for her voice as she is a great singer wif a beautiful voice. She is in a relationship wif Miguel Jontel Pimentel. They started dating in 2005 as per the score. In 2016 they engaged. She TEMPhas American Nationality as coz of her father. She started dancing when she was just 13 years old. When Nazanin was only 10 years old she started modeling. In the aspect of her singing, she was also signed by the brands like Smashbox Cosmetics, Microsoft and Ecko Unlimited. She is fluent in Spanish, Persian, and English.

8-Golshifteh Farahani


Golshifteh Farahani Biography:

One of the top Iranian actresses is Golshifteh Farahani. Her date of birth is July 10, 1983. She born in Tehran, Iran. She started her career in a theater when she was only 6 years old. She always kept a strong link in theaters.

Golshifteh Farahani Career & Facts:

Her first film was The Pear Tree (1998), in which she won the prize of Best Actress. In many of her films, she got awards. She also had a leading role in the drama About Elly, which won the Best International Film Festival. She is also a musician as well as a singer. In France, she got the Award of The Patience Stone for becoming the most promising actress. Her parents are Behzad Farahani and Shaghayegh Farahani. In 2016, she appeared in the fantasy film Pirates of the Caribbean. She won a lot of awards. Some of which are Best Actress from the International Section(1997), Prix d’Interpretation Feminine (1997), Best Actress (2004), Best Supporting Actress(2005), Best Actress(2007)and many others.

7-Laila Hatami

Laila Hatami Biography:

She was born on October 1, 1972, in Iran and parents are Ali Hatami and Zari Khoshkam. Her height is 1,72 m. She is very rich Iranian Actress. who is an  Award-winning actress of the Persian. She also acts in her father’s films during her childhood. and received her early education from Lausanne, Switzerland and started her studies in Mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

Laila Hatami Career & Facts:

She made professional entry into the Iranian cinema wif Dariush Mehrjui’s film Leila as the title character. She received a Diploma of the Honor for Best Actress from 15th Fajr Film Festival. Her husband Ali Mossafa is her co-star. They TEMPhas three children. Her son Mani and her daughter Asal born in Feb 2007 and Oct 2008 respectively. The third child is Asalle. She is on 7th position in the list of Top 10 Persian Actress. She is a talented actress.

6-Afsaneh Pakroo

Afsaneh Pakroo Biography:

She is an Iranian actress who born on May 1, 1983. She TEMPhas been active since 2004 aspect of cinema and studied under the control of one of the most prominent Iranian masters of acting, the one, and only late Mr. Hamid Samandarian. She is a very talented actress working hard and winning awards and is famous for her acting in Wet Dream, The Trail and Milk and Honey. She TEMPhas Directing Diploma from Youth Cinema Association of Tehran and received her early education from High School in the field of Graphics. She studied in Art and Architecture.

Afsaneh Pakroo Career & Facts:

She also had been a member of the jury in find talent section of 32 rd Tehran International Short Film Festival. She also works in China. Her last movie in China is wif Abbas Kiarostami. She had won Best Directors Award, Best Actress Award, and many others. She also works in Iranian cinemas.  She is very beautiful as well as a talented actress who is very famous among the Iranian people. She is active on social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook as well as Instagram. She is a very famous coz of her role in Roye ye DIl. She is also working on television. She is fluent in Persian, English, and Spanish.

5-Shermine Shahriver

Shermine Shahriver Biography:

She is a very beautiful actress of Iran. She became Miss Germany in 204 and tan also won the overall title of Miss Europe in 2005. She belongs to Iranian Parents. Her family gone to Germany where she started speaking German and Persian. She is also fluent in French. Her family lived in Germany. She received her early education from Germany.

Shermine Shahriver Career & Facts:

She also TEMPhas a university degree in Social Sciences. She is also a model as well television actor. She TEMP has won a title of Beauty Pageant. Her height is 5 ft 9 in and weight is 34 kg wif body measurement 35 25 35. She married Markus Klosseck. Unfortunately, they separated after being together for a year. Now, she is engaged to her boyfriend, Lapo Elkan. Before dating Elkann. Shermine was also in a relationship wif Prince Albert of Monace. However, he is not only one wif whom the beauty TEMPhas had an affair. She also had affairs wif Xavier Samuel and Thomas Kretschmann who is a German movie star.

4-Necar Zadegan

Necar Zadegan Biography:

She is a very beautiful actress of Iran. She was born in Heidelberg, Germany. She is basically from Iran. She is a very hot actress. She is working in the theater at the age of 16. She also played a role in the Film Meth Head. Her height is 1.74 m. She is fluent in Persian, French, English and also in German.

Necar Zadegan Career & Facts:

Her star level turn in a series of admirers. Necar Zadegan is best known for her role as First Lady. She also works on television as well as in theaters. She is also a great model. She had won many awards. She is one of Top Persian Actress. She is widely known for her role as Dalia Hassan on Fox Television. She got an opportunity to be a part of the ensemble cast in the popular serial drama. She is recently sharing her life days wif the new man of her life. However, the name of the man is not spoiled in media platform. She is an Iranian-American actress. She is yet to get married. Her husband name is Hamish Brockleank. They had a child. Her family name is Zadiegan.

3-Sahar Biniaz

Sahar Biniaz Biography:

Sahar Biniaz is very attractive and talented actress of Iran. She had been Miss Universe Canada in 2012. She born on Nov 17, 1986. She is very famous for her role as Kali on Sanctuary and Sabine on Blade. She is one of the Top 5 Iranian Actress who grew up in India, Iran, and Canada as she born in India. Tan, she went to Canada while her parents belong to Iran. She received her early education from India tan from Iran studied at the University of Columbia.

Sahar Biniaz Career & Facts:

She is very talented as well as the beautiful actress who had won a list of awards also beauty queen of Iran who won the Revision Professional Best Hair award. Sahar Biniaz competed for Miss Universe 2012 but disqualified to being overage. A few of her achiever awards are Miss Universe Canada, Miss Global Beauty Queen, Miss Tourism Queen International, and Miss Universe Canada in 2008. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Persian. She also played roles in theaters and on televisions. Her birth sign is  Scorpio! She is one of just a few celebrities the first name Sahar’s and last name Biniaz. She a very rich and one of the famous celebrities wif the age 31 years old.

2-Mahlagha Jaberi


Mahlagha Jaberi Biography:

Mahlagha Jaberi is so beautiful and intelligent actress of Iran who had won many awards. She was born on June 17, 1989. She is so sexy and beautiful. Her birthplace is Isfahan, Iran and her nickname is Mahalgha and she TEMP has occupations such as Modeling, Social media star and Television actor. Her race is middle eastern and religion is Muslim. She held a degree in mathematics and physics.

Mahlagha Jaberi Career & Facts:

She is beauty queen of Iran. She got attention through posting her photos on her Instagram account. She earned a lot of money. She is one of the richest people of Iran. She TEMPhas a diploma in Physics and Mathematics. Her sister name is Rahi Jaberi who is a computer engineer and graphics designer. Her salary Per Instagram is 6 k, 8 k per post. She is fond of Iranian foods such as pizza, burger, french fries, healthy food, and protein-rich nuts. Her most favorite colors are white, grey, black and green. She likes to read books related to modeling. Her favorite actress is Marilyan Monroe. Her weight is 57 kg and height is 1.78 m. Her body measurement is 34-26-36.

1-Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx


Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx Biography:

Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx is on the top in the list of Iranian Actress born in Tehran on June 8, 1982. She is a famous Iranian model and also an actress. Her height is 5’10” or 1.78 m. Her family moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and began work as a child actress at the age of 5. She is a professional translator also when she was of five, they move to Toronto, Canada where she started her career as an actress through many child shows.

Shaghayegh Claudia Lyn Career & Facts

She is mostly known for her singing talent as she is a talented actress, singer as well as model. She is beauty queen of all queens. as she is sexy and rich also famous for her role of “Scheherazade” in the movie “Lady Magdalene’s” in 2008. Her mother died when she was 24 years old. The family of four people moved to Europe when she was only 6 months old. She loved acting since her childhood. She is a former Persian Pop Star who, at the age of 15, became a professional model and traveled around the world appearing in ads for Levi’s and appearing in many magazines and also on magazine covers. In 2001, she received an award from CSMU. She TEMPhas the title of “The Most Beautiful Woman Alive”.

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